My 3 Tips to Stay Always Positive

As a traveler, I always find myself in trouble. But staying positive helps me with my complications and everything then somehow solves.

What’s even better, I can show you how to stay positive even when the rough time comes. It’s pretty easy and straightforward.

How to stay positive

It’s well known fact that our brain pretty easily becomes enraged, and it might be complicated for us to tune up back to the positive mood. Needless to say, that prejudice is always good.


Always try to be positive.

Confronting failures and recognizing issues that already happened to us, can help us with better understanding why this happened and why we are angry. When we understand the fact why we are upset, we can then easily remove that aspect and become positive.

Try these 3 tips that will help you keep calm and stay positive! They helped me a lot on my journeys. Needless to say, how many new friends I found thanks to being positive.

Find your inner balance

If you don’t actively practice yoga, then this might be little bit tricky for you. You should find out what helps you keep calm and positive. Is it phrase or memory of something funny?

“When you face challenges, it is vital that you keep calm and thrilled,” says my mum. Considering the great change in your life can help equilibrium that prejudice, giving your brain the extra time to recall.


Find you inner balance and have positive thinking.

To help your brain find the memories, which help you stay positive, reflect on what you are thankful for and why. Do this at least once per week. Write down your blessings, such as a family that supports you or the chance to pursue a profession you love.

Then keep a detailed log of great things that occurred that day, if you want to do this on daily basis. Keep it brief, and if you do it frequently then it becomes your routine.

Say out loud what you think

As a someone who enjoys life, the more frequently you hear a message, the more likely you’re to believe it. The exact same goes for messages about what you’re effective at doing and who you are.

You’re training your brain by repeating positive affirmations with confidence several times every morning. Repeat your affirmations quietly if you feel shy.


Shout what you think to the whole world!

Select two to three words that represent aims and your values, for example ‘I can handle whatever comes to my way,’ ‘There’s lots of time,’ or ‘I am becoming better every day.’

The repetition will affect the way you interpret occasions that are negative, making you more resistant. Particularly if you are predisposed to negative thinking, this can be incredibly successful.

Challenge your negative ideas

We all sometimes feel desperate with no future, no friends. Everybody is against us, but what can we do? How can we overcome this?

We must look at it from different perspective, everything bad that happens to us has a reason. That said, we must take the lesson from these situations.


Plan A doesn’t work out?

Challenge negative ideas that are self-consuming. As an example, if your startup does not get the grip you expected, you might believe, “I am a failure.” That is not true and it is actually very unproductive. Rather, practice interpreting exactly the opposite event. Instead of saying ‘I am a failure’, say ‘I am a successful in my business.’

By saying this you will drag the good events to your life and soon you’ll see that everything you said was true. You will start blooming and you’ll be happy that everything works.

Pretty simple right? So what are you waiting for?



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